Planning To Have A Walk-In Tub Installed? Consider Getting These Fixtures Lowered

While there are many reasons that people may wish to have a walk-in tub installed in their bathroom at home, a common reason is that the homeowner is in a wheelchair. The walk-in tub allows him or her to position the chair next to the door, slide from the chair onto the tub's bench, and then close the tub's door and begin filling the tub with water. Although the walk-in tub might be an immediate priority when you end up in a wheelchair, it's advantageous to also think about having a contractor make some other changes to your bathroom. Here are some things that you might wish to have lowered for ease of use.

Bathroom Sink

The average bathroom sink can be difficult for someone in a wheelchair to reach. Not only is it often too high, but the cabinet below it can make it difficult to get your wheelchair close enough to it. Speak to a contractor about removing the current bathroom sink fixture and installing a new one. The new sink should ideally be mounted to the wall, allowing for an open space beneath it. If you already need a walk-in tub because you're in a wheelchair, this sink can allow you to position your feet and legs below the sink so that your body is close enough to reach the taps with ease.


If the toilet in your bathroom is currently too high, you'll want to think about lowering it. Just as your walk-in tub is designed so that you can slide off your wheelchair and onto the bench, your toilet should be at a similar height. Some toilets are low, but others are higher; the latter is generally preferred by people who are on the taller side. Have your contractor assess the height of the seat of your wheelchair, and then find a toilet of a similar height for you. A wall-mounted toilet is often ideal in this situation because it can be positioned at exactly the right height for you.

Wall Switches

The average bathroom often has multiple wall switches — there will be at least one switch for the lights and another for the exhaust fan. Some bathrooms have multiple sets of lights, which means there will be even more switches. If you're in a wheelchair, you'll have trouble reaching switches that are mounted at the standard height. Your contractor, however, can install new switches at a better height that you can reach with ease when you're sitting in the wheelchair.