Want To Spend More Family Time In The Kitchen? 3 Things To Consider In A Remodel

When you and your significant other both work full-time jobs, you might only have the evenings and weekends to spend quality time together. With kids that go to school and have homework and studying to do for most of the year, there is not much opportunity to spend quality time as a family. The kitchen is where you can prepare breakfast on the weekends and dinner on a nightly basis. It is the perfect place to spend time with your family, not just while you are eating, but from the time you start preparing a meal. It is important to think about how you can make this better and easier with kitchen remodeling.  

Add Built-In Seating

Most restaurants boast booths as their premiere seating. When a restaurant is near capacity, it is the booths that are usually full, especially when they provide guests with a view through a glass wall or window. You can apply this same logic to a kitchen remodel and make it a focus to add built-in seating. One option is to build an actual booth, or you can add a corner bench to give you more flexibility. A bench can include inside storage and it is easy to match up with most dining tables to accommodate your needs. Incorporating this into the kitchen will allow your spouse and kids to sit down and talk in the kitchen.

Remove a Wall

A separate kitchen and dining room is appealing to some, but those who want quality time with their family should prioritize a kitchen that has seating within the same room or nearby. Tearing down walls is the only way to make this happen, so it may be something that you need to do with your remodel. An alternative is to take out part of the wall to create a breakfast nook and some open space.

Kitchen Island

Another addition that you should consider for the kitchen is an island. It is best to get one custom-made in this situation to maximize the amount of seating that you can enjoy from this feature. If you have a five-person household, you should make sure that the island is able to seat five people. The great thing about an island is that the chairs can be removed temporarily to add more workable counter space. An island brings the whole family right into the kitchen where talking becomes natural and easy.

If you want more quality time with your family, you should consider these kitchen remodeling projects. Contact local professionals, such as those from Callier Thompson Kitchen & Bath, for further assistance.