Give an Outdated Bathroom an Updated Look by Replacing Colored Fixtures

Inheriting or buying an old home can sometimes be a bit overwhelming if there are numerous things that need to be updated or repaired. Decades ago, it was fashionable to use colored fixtures in the bathroom to give it a unique look. However, you may not find this look to be as stylish as the previous homeowner. Fortunately, replacing colored fixtures in a bathroom isn't difficult. The following guide provides you with an easy way to update the look of an outdated bathroom by replacing the fixtures with more stylish options on your own.

Assess the Type of Fixtures You Need to Replace

The first thing you need to do is evaluate the existing fixtures in the bathroom. Some bathrooms have built-in fixtures while others have mounted ones. In the tub and shower areas, built-in fixtures like rails are often used to ensure that they stay secure if someone were to pull on them while in the shower or bath. Other items found in the bathroom, such as toothbrush holders and toilet paper holders, are often surface mounted. Some surface-mounted fixtures slide on and off a mount that is attached to the wall, but some are screwed into the wall's surface and don't have removable parts.

Measure the Things You Want to Replace

Once you determine the types of fixtures you need, measure each item. You have more leeway with surface-mounted fixtures, but if you are replacing built-in fixtures, you need to be sure that you purchase products that are the exact same size as the original ones.

Purchase Replacement Fixtures

Home-improvement stores often have a large variety of fixtures from which you can choose. Be sure to measure the items while you are at the store to ensure that they are the right size to suit your needs.

Remove the Old Fixtures

To remove surface-mounted fixtures, simply take off any removable parts and then use a screwdriver to remove the screws holding the mount or fixture into the wall. To remove ones that are built in, use a utility knife to remove grout from around the edges of the fixture. Push a putty knife under the edges of the item to loosen the adhesive holding it in place. Once you have loosened all of the edges, place the putty knife under one side and use a hammer to lightly break apart the adhesive totally so that it comes loose.

Replace the Fixtures

To replace the surface-mounted fixtures, simply secure the new mount to the wall with a screwdriver where the old item was mounted and slip the new one onto the new mount. For the built-in fixtures, spread dry-set mortar onto the back of the item and push it into the opening where the old fixture was mounted. Use painter's tape to keep the fixture in place so that it can dry overnight. Spread grout around the edges the next day to finish the project.

Once you finish replacing the fixtures, the bathroom should have a new look that you are much happier with. This affordable bathroom update allows you to improve the overall look of the space without having to spend a fortune to make the impact you want to see in the space. If you need to make more extensive changes, consider speaking with a bathroom remodeling contractor from a company like Express Baths.