Renovating A Home Office

Home offices are becoming an important room in many homes across the US. In fact, around 30 million Americans work from home at least once a week. With more Americans spending time in the home office, it has become a popular room to remodel. The goal for most home offices is to make a room that is comfortable as well as free of distractions. There are a few ways to achieve this goal.


Investing in replacement windows is a great choice for any home remodel. Noise from the outside is often a big distraction for anyone trying to get work done. Replacement windows are a great way to make the space quieter. They also help reduce drafts and are easier to maintain than older windows. New windows can also cut back on glare and keep the space from heating up too much. For homeowners who do not want to invest in replacement windows, window film is a great alternative. Window film can help insulate the office space and reduces glare from the sun. 

Insulation And Soundproofing Materials

Adding insulation or soundproofing materials is also a great choice during an office remodel. Insulation and soundproofing is a great way to block the distracting noises that can come from other parts of the home. There is a variety of insulation and soundproofing materials that can help block noise including blanket insulation, acoustic mats, and acoustic slabs. Other things that can help dampen noises include extra drywall, solid-core doors, and mass-loaded vinyl. If the home office is on the bottom floor of a two story home, it may be necessary to add carpeting or rugs to the room upstairs to dampen any noise from that room's foot traffic.

Wiring And Electrical Upgrades

Depending on how much work is done in a home office and how old the space is, it may be necessary to upgrade the wiring and electrical systems in the room. Some electrical upgrades that work for home offices include adding more electrical outlets as well as a surge arrestor to protect the space from large electrical surges. Things like high speed internet access, fax capabilities, and phone connections are required in many home offices. Upgrading the home office's wiring to a structured wiring system may be a good choice for many homeowners. This type of system also makes it easier to install voice over Internet protocol, which is a technology that allows phone calls to be made over the internet.

A few changes to a home office can make a big difference. Replacing the windows, adding insulation and soundproofing, and upgrading the wiring in the space are great options for homeowners who are updating their home offices. For information on the additions, talk to contractors like Another Estimate LLC.