Five Bathroom Remodeling Projects That Can Help You Rent Out Your Rental Home

Finding a tenant for your rental property can be difficult if it is missing a lot of modern features and has not been remodeled anytime recently. In order to improve the look and function of your rental property, there is no better place to start than the bathrooms since they are used regularly. If the rental home has more than one bath, consider some of the following ideas for giving the space a much-needed upgrade.

Add Double Sinks to the Master Bathroom

If the rental home has an assigned master bathroom, it is a good idea to include double sinks since this is a feature that most couples look for. Not only do double sinks make it easier for tenants to enjoy the bathroom when getting ready in the morning, it is also a fairly simple project to undertake on your own and can be quite affordable if you take care of the labor yourself.

Turn a Half Bath into a Full Bath

Another feature many renters look for, especially those with children, is a bathtub or shower. While a half bath that includes just a sink and toilet may work for homes with multiple bathrooms, it can be a waste of space when multiple members of your family need to use the bathroom. Adding a small tub and shower combo through reducing the size of the vanity or cutting into a nearby closet can help increase the value of the home and provide an additional full bathroom for tenants to enjoy.

Install Glass Shower Doors

Water damage can occur due to a flimsy shower curtain not being closed entirely, leading to you potentially being responsible for the cost of repairs. Instead of relying on a shower curtain, consider installing a glass shower door instead. Not only do glass doors look modern, they can also provide a tighter seal in the shower and are easy to keep mildew away. 

Fit In Medicine Cabinets for Each Bathroom

An affordable way to add extra storage space in the bathrooms is through installing medicine cabinets. These cabinets can easily fit into any bathroom, regardless of size, creating a designated spot for everything from shaving cream to toothpaste.

Prioritize Vanities with Ample Storage Space

If you intend on adding a new vanity due to the installation of a new sink or simply being unhappy with the existing one, focus on adding storage. With ample storage space underneath the sink, your renters can have the space to store all of their bathroom toiletries without resorting to use the nearby closets.

Remodeling the bathrooms in your rental property will increase the value of the home, but only if you tackle projects that are actually beneficial to the renters. By focusing on functionality and storage, you will make your rental property more appealing and you will get to enjoy the return on your investment through being able to charge higher rent. 

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