How To Remove Baseboards From Cabinets to Prepare for An Upgrade

Remodeling your kitchen is a very beneficial home improvement project. Whether you are selling your home or planning on staying in it for many years, you will see many benefits to upgrading your kitchen. This is especially true if your kitchen is one of the main congregation points in your house. Of course, families with a lot of children and teenagers will appreciate just how used and abused the kitchen cabinets can get over the years. This article will explain how to remove your old molding to prepare your cabinets for a new molding upgrade. The best part about this project is that it can save you a little bit of money when it comes to the installation of your new baseboard.

Removing Your Old Baseboard

First, you need to remove your old baseboard and trim from the cabinets. The difficulty of this will depend on how the baseboard was originally attached to the cabinet. Most often, the baseboard is just nailed to the cabinet with pins and then the edges are caulked. So, the first step is to cut away the caulk with a utility knife. This should break the seal and allow you to pry the baseboard away from the cabinet. The best tool is a nicely worn flathead screwdriver (as opposed to a brand new one with sharp edges). This is ideal because it will not have any sharp edges to gouge the wood.

Lightly hammer the screwdriver underneath the molding, near a nail head. Slowly pry outward and the nail should pop right out at the cabinet. In some cases, due to the fact that the nail is driven too deep. The nail could pull right through the baseboard and remain in the cabinet. Simply use a nail puller or pliers to get the leftover nails out of cabinet.

Finally, use a painters knife to scrape any leftover adhesive or caulk that is still stuck to the cabinet. You should then clean the cabinet so any new adhesive or caulk will have a nice, clean surface to stick to.  

This same process can be used for the existing molding on the upper cabinets. 

At this point, your cabinets will basically be ready for the installation of the new molding. This basic remodel will make your cabinets look up-to-date and more stylish. It is a great way to redefine the style of your entire kitchen. Removing the old molding on your own will make your installation much quicker and more affordable. Good luck on your home remodeling project!