How To Create An "Old Wood Style" Floor With Affordable Materials

The flooring of a room can be the key element that sets the room's tone. Homeowners have decided to move away from using flooring that is high-end and glossy, and they have moved on to a look that is practical, warm, and requires very little maintenance. While wood flooring is a popular choice, you do not need to purchase real wood to achieve the natural look you want. The following materials are viable options that will not break the bank.

Engineered Wood & Reclaimed Wood

A wood floor is classic and timeless, but will expand and shrink due to moisture problems. Engineered wood does not have that problem, because it uses several layers of wood that resist humidity due to the way they are bonded..

Another trend is using reclaimed wood to create flooring. It can be taken from places like the old rafters of a home, or even an old barn. Using reclaimed wood gives a look that appears old, which is a huge reason it is so popular right now. The alternative to achieve the same look is to roughen a hardwood floor by hand to make it appear as if it has been weathered. Real wood will cost as much as $15 per sq. ft., and engineered wood will cost up to $18 per sq. ft.

Bamboo & Cork

If your flooring must be eco-friendly, using cork is a great investment. It's actually harvested from oak tree bark, which will grow back over time without damaging the tree. Bamboo is another material that grows back after it has been harvested, and works great for flooring after it has been dried.

Homeowners do not like these materials as much for a rustic look because of how the finish easily fades. It leaves the floors looking dull instead of vintage, though it may be worth it to have eco-friendly flooring. Either material will cost as much as $9 per sq. ft.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

You may not think of using porcelain and ceramic tiles if you like the visual appeal of wood floors, but there are digital prints that can be placed on these tiles to simulate a wood look. This gives you full control over the color that you want. Texture can even be added to make the floor tiles feel less slippery.

The disadvantage of porcelain and ceramic tiles is that they very brittle and hard. Drop an item on the floor, and it could break the item and a tile. It is as cheap as $4 per sq. ft., which makes it appealing to those on a budget.

When it comes time to purchase your flooring materials, work with a wholesale hardwood flooring company to get the best deal possible.