The Do's And Don'ts Of Maintaining Your Marble Countertops

Marble countertops can easily add a touch of luxury and elegance to any home. However, if these countertops are not properly cared for, their beauty will quickly begin to fade. Thankfully, caring for these countertops can be much easier than many people realize. Below you will learn more about what you should do, and what you should never do if you want your marble counters to stay looking their best for many years to come.

The Do's Of Maintaining Marble Countertops

Do clean your countertops every day. Even a small amount of dirt and dust can leave your marble looking dull. In order to remove this buildup each day, simply wipe your countertops down with a mild solution of warm water and dish detergent. Finish the job by drying the counter with a microfiber cloth to restore shine.

Do seal your countertops approximately once a year. If you are not sure if it is time for a fresh coat of sealant, simply place a few drops of water on your counter. If the water begins to soak into the marble, it is time to seal the countertop. However, if the water beads up and begins to roll off the counter, your seal is still intact and there is no need to take action.

The Dont's Of Maintaining Marble Countertops

Don't use acidic cleaners on your marble. Even cleaners that contain mildly acidic ingredients can potential damage your countertops. This is because marble is extremely susceptible to etching when exposed to alkaline substances, such as vinegar, citrus, and bleach. In order to avoid this type of damage, it is always best to clean your countertops with a mild detergent or specialized stone cleaner.

Don't chop or slice food directly on the counter. While marble is an extremely durable stone, it is much softer than many people realize. Consequently, this stone can become easily damaged when exposed to the direct force of a knife. In order to prevent this damage, always use a chopping board or butcher's block when preparing food rather than working directly on the countertop.

A Final Thought

While the day-to-day maintenance and care that your marble countertops require can be performed on a do-it-yourself basis, these countertops may require professional care from time to time. This is because over the years, marble countertops will often lose the shine that keeps them looking new and beautiful. The best way to restore this shine is to have the marble buffed and polished. However, this is a job that is best left to the professionals.