Four Alternative Cooling Solutions That Any Home Improvement Contractor Can Help You With

If you have central HVAC for your home and it is an older system, you may want to have it replaced.  There are also alternatives available today for central heating and air systems. Some of the alternatives that you have available include evaporative cooling, ventilation and even ductless cooling systems. If you want your home to be cool, but do not want to have a conventional AC system, here are some of the alternatives that are available to help keep your home cool:

1. Swamp Coolers For Affordable, Energy Efficient AC Solutions

Swamp coolers are an excellent form of cooling for your home that does not use a conventional heat pump.  Swamp coolers are an evaporative cooling system that uses the evaporation of water to provide you with cooling you need for your home. It is much more energy efficient than compressed gas systems, and ideal for small spaces.

2. Ventilation And Passive Cooling Solutions For Mild Climates

Ventilation or passive cooling can also be a great solution for cooling homes in mild climates. This is where ventilation is used to circulate air from cooler areas of the home, like a basement, to areas that need cooling. This can provide your home with the cooling it needs, and it is even possible to connect ventilation systems for renewable energy like solar panels and wind turbines; providing you with a completely energy independent cooling system for your home.

3. Ductless AC Systems In Single Or Split Designs

If you want to have a more conventional cooling solution, ductless systems are an alternative to central cooling. These systems can be installed as a single unit in a central area of your home, or you can have a split system installed with two air handlers. This is great if you want to invest in part of the system one year, and then expand it later to keep within a budget for your air conditioning systems.

4. Window And Portable AC Units For Small Spaces

Window units and portable AC systems can also be a great alternative to central AC. They will cost less than ductless systems, and window units can be installed in windows, or in a cut out in the wall to set them in. You can use a portable unit during the warmer months and store it when you do not need AC. These are an affordable alternative, which are ideal for small spaces that need cooling systems installed.

These are some of the many alternatives that are available to replace your central cooling system. If you need help deciding on what will be the best combination of systems for heating and cooling in your home, contact a home improvement contractor, like Latocha Builders & Renovations Inc, to get help with these alternative cooling solutions for your home.