Four Ways To Bring Historic Renovations Up To Par With Modern Building Standards

A popular trend today is renovating older houses in town areas. Sometimes these historic homes can have outdated floor plans and features. Even though you want to preserve a part of history when you restore a home, you will also want to have a home that is up-to-date with modern building standards. Modern improvements can include rewiring electrical systems, opening up living spaces and other improvements. If you are restoring a historic home, here are four things that you may want to do to bring it up-to-date with modern building standards:

1. Minimal Demolition Of Areas That Need Repairs

If you are doing a complete renovation of a historic home, there will be some demolition that may need to be done. If there are additions and other things added to the home, you may want to remove these to restore the home to its original condition. It is also a good idea to do all the demolition first and get to a clean working area to do all the renovations rather than do the demo as you go.

2. Rewiring And Bringing Mechanical Systems Up-To-Date

Many historic homes also have old wiring and mechanical systems such as pipes and heating. You will want to replace electrical wiring that is too old, such as wires with aluminum insulation. Rewiring the home with new wires and installing a new circuit box will make your home up-to-date and safer. You may also want to do things like installing wiring for home networking and other modern features when you are doing this.

3. Restoring Custom Woodwork And Masonry Features

Custom woodwork in a historic home may be something that you want to save. If you have custom trim, you may want to set it aside when you do demolition. If there are wood floors to save, covering them with plywood will help to protect them. You can also renovate masonry with repairs like tuck-pointing. If you need materials for some of these repairs, you may want to use reclaimed materials from buildings that have been torn down.

4. Adding Historic Exterior Finishes And Roofing To Your Home

The exterior is an important part of the renovation to your home, which can include repairing or replacing a roof, renovating masonry and repairing exterior woodwork and siding. Some materials, like brick, you may want to repair, but things like roofing and siding may need to be replaced. There are durable synthetic materials that can be used for these types of repairs, and still give your home its original historic look.

These are some things that you can do to bring your renovations up-to-date with modern building standards. If you need help with restorations to your historic home, contact a building contractor that specializes in these types of renovations. They will be able to help you restore your home back to its original glory.