Must Have's For A Remodeled Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. Many people find that when they are home, they spend most of their time in the kitchen. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen with the help of a company like Rynone Kitchen & Baths, consider adding these must haves to make your life much easier.

Central Vacuum System

Your kitchen is going to get crumbs and dirt on the floor. It is one of the most traveled through rooms, so you get outside dirt tracked throughout the room. In order to keep the kitchen as clean as possible install a central vacuum system.

The power unit for the system is permanently installed. Your contractor can help you find the best place for it, whether it is in a closet, in the garage, or in the basement. Tubes are placed through the walls with a few openings hidden at baseboard level in your kitchen.

Once the central vacuum system is installed and your kitchen remodel is over you simply sweep the dirt towards the entrance to the vacuum inlet. Cleaning the kitchen will be much easier with this update.

Light it Right

Upgrading the lighting in your kitchen is a necessity. Modern kitchens don't have just one large overhead light. You need to work with a lot of different lighting options for your kitchen.

Task Lighting

The lights in your new kitchen should be layered. You will need to have some "task lighting." These are bright lights that you will be using while you cook over the stove or chop vegetables. Their location should be right above your main workspace. Task lighting can be placed underneath wall cabinets. That way the light is shining right down on to the counter that you will be using.

Recessed Lighting

You should also have recessed lighting, in the ceiling. This lighting is often considered ambient lighting. It provides a soft, warm glow inviting people into your kitchen. These lights provide the general illumination in your kitchen.

Recessed lighting can also be used as task lighting. Simply put brighter bulbs in the locations that are necessary and leave bulbs with less wattage in the other areas. You could also have these lights on a dimmer so you can choose exactly that right amount of light at any time.

Decorative Lighting

Don't forget to have some sort of decorative lighting in your kitchen. Using hanging or pendant lighting as a centerpiece in your kitchen. This provides the sparkle to your kitchen and is really where you can show your personality.

Choose to have your hanging light either over the island or over the table in the kitchen. Don't use two unless you have an extremely large amount of space, otherwise the two lights will be competing with each other and will start to make the room feel cluttered.