Renovations Without Breaking the Budget

Renovating Your Kitchen? Two Ideas To Help You Do It Right

Renovating your kitchen has value for many reasons.  Not only do you get the opportunity to enjoy an updated kitchen with more modern conveniences, you can also expect to recoup as much as 69 percent of your investment.  However, as you’re planning your kitchen renovations, it’s important for you to make additions that help to […]

How To Create An “Old Wood Style” Floor With Affordable Materials

The flooring of a room can be the key element that sets the room’s tone. Homeowners have decided to move away from using flooring that is high-end and glossy, and they have moved on to a look that is practical, warm, and requires very little maintenance. While wood flooring is a popular choice, you do […]

Set Sail Rubber Ducky: Remodeling Your Child’s Bathroom As A Shared Space

Your child’s bathroom may not be at the top of the list when it comes to remodeling projects, but if theirs is often used as a guest bath, it may get a lot more use than you realize. Updating the bathroom so that it is not only kid friendly, but welcoming to guests can add […]

3 Ideas To Add Modern Style To Your Bathroom Remodeling Project And Why They Are Great

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you’re probably wondering what you can do with a plain wall to make your bathroom unique. Because you don’t know what your future will bring, you may want to sell your home down the road. So you may not want to get too crazy. But there are some things you […]

3 Kitchen Design and Remodeling Decisions That You May Live to Regret

The average kitchen remodel ranged from $10,000 to $30,000 in 2015. If you’re trying to keep your remodel budget on the lower end of the range, you might consider making some sacrifices when it comes to the design and function of your kitchen. For example, you may choose to opt for laminate counters over natural […]

Three Things You Can Do To Revitalize Your Deck And Make It Like New Again

Wood decks are just like an asphalt roof; with time, your deck will need renovations or replacement. The first option, replacing the deck, may be a costly project that many homeowners cannot or do not want to invest in. Another option is to renovate your deck with repairs, new decking, staining or even new railings […]

3 Inexpensive Kitchen Cabinet Upgrades

The quality of your kitchen can make a difference when it comes to the resale value of your home. Buyers place a lot of importance on the appearance of a kitchen, so investing in some simple upgrades could yield big returns when the time to sell your home comes. Here are three inexpensive kitchen cabinet […]

Should You Use Engineered Or Solid Hardwood In Your Home?

If you’ve made the decision to replace your worn carpet, tile, laminate, or linoleum, you may be looking into the installation of durable, attractive hardwood flooring. However, the options available can be overwhelming — even after you’ve decided on a basic color and size, you must make several decisions on which specific type and brand […]

Why Granite And Quartz Are Great Countertop Materials

One of the best kitchen remodels is to install a new countertop. Some tract homes come with cheap, laminated countertops. However, most people prefer the look and style of natural stone countertops. This article will explain the differences between quartz, granite and marble, so you can know the drawbacks and advantages of each before you […]

Save The Earth And Beautify Your Home: 3 Eco-Friendly Options For Your Countertops

Aside from cabinets, the countertops in your home are the most eye-catching improvement that you can make. When deciding to replace your countertops, you may want to consider using sustainable, green materials. These materials are just as stylish and durable as traditional materials, so you won’t have to worry about your home’s value taking a […]